Hi! My name is Paige Quinn. I am so glad you have found me here in my little corner of the internet! I have been quilting for several years, and sewing for even longer. I am a teacher at heart, and I have taught many classes in sewing, quilting and music. I have a Bachelor of Arts in Music Education, and I think that there are many parallels between playing a musical instrument and sewing.
I am so passionate about having my hands in every last detail of my quilts. For me, this means painting my own quilting cotton, and writing my own quilt patterns. I am so inspired by nature, music, the changing seasons, and my own life experiences. Being creative on a daily basis is very therapeutic for me, and the process of unblocking creativity is something I love to share with others. 
I truly believe that....
1. The world needs more art
2. The world needs more artists (and YOU are an artist!)
3. Being creative is good for the soul
4. Quilting is for everyone
 I would love to hear from you! Reach out to me at